New Year, New Me?



img_0867Ladies, do you ever feel like you’re stuck in the monotony of everyday living? Held captive by the confines of society’s roles placed on us to be doting mothers and attentive wives, yet knowing that you are destined for so much more? Yep, that’s kind of where I’ve been. Stuck in a holding pattern, and I’m more than ready to take a deep dive into me, figuring out what is it I bring to this world, because I’m freaking awesome! So yes, it is a new year, but is it a new me? I don’t think so but I certainly know it’s time for me to level up.

Bubbly Mama 2019 ambitions:

1. Let’s create some lady love and design a community of rockmoms that support, uplift and inspire one another to push the envelope. Let’s go rogue this year!

2. If I am being totally transparent, I need to get my coins in order, y’all. I live in Atlanta where there is a Dillard’s department store. On the first day of each year, they have a ridiculous sale and I just found our about this shopping nirvana and purchased NINE pairs of shoes. Nine. Nine non-returnable shoes. I lost my damn mind. So, here’s to being frugal, paying debt and saving money this year. Luckily, I won’t need any shoes.

3. I have some of the most loyal, incredibly talented, brilliant lady friends a girl could ever ask for, and I fully intend on nurturing these relationships and leaning into being a better support to my sisters.

Please join the Bubbly Mama tribe, because we simply need a safe space to keep it real, push each other to greatness and inspire one another to keep pushing. Please follow me on IG @Bubbly.Mama.

Cheers to a PHENOMENAL 2019! Xx

Bubbly Mama


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