Red Alert, Red Alert! Nina Turns 8 Months Old


I promise this will not become the mommy blog that talks all about poop, but if there is a holy grail of explosive diapers, my husband and I experienced it today. As we pulled up to our home after a playdate and lunch with a dear friend and her baby boy, I noticed a stench in the air. I asked my husband, Randy, if Nina, our adorable baby girl, had pooped. Yup, but no big deal. I went into her room to prepare to change her as my husband took her out of her car seat. Randy soon exclaimed, “red alert, red alert”! My husband’s plea put me into immediate mommy panic mode. I yelled “what” twice, because we say everything in twos to sufficiently intensify any situation. Our child had done it. It was the poop we had been avoiding. Her pant leg was soaked, and like a soiled dish sponge, she was leaking brown residue everywhere.

Now, our home has hardwood floors, but Nina’s room is carpeted. Randy has walked through our living room, leaving a poopy trail through our home and proceeded to take Nina into her room. “Nooo”!! I screamed to divert him from staining her ivory carpet with chocolate droplets. We take her into the bathroom to undress and bathe her promptly but there is poop dripping everywhere, I am trying to keep my lunch down. My husband suggests I take my white shirt off to abstain from ruining it, I disrobe myself, then Nina, and into the tub she goes. I was on dirty booty duty, while Randy cleaned and disinfected our home. Needless to say, she enjoyed a quick midday soak, had a bottle and is sound asleep getting some much needed R&R. Parents-to-be…it’s unavoidable!


On a lighter note, my baby girl is 8 months old today! Where does the time go?


Being a mom is the hardest, best job ever! There is nothing in life that I want to succeed at more than being a mom. My goal is to be able to say yes to her more than I say no, give her the courage to be whomever she wants to be, and to be there to catch her whenever she falls.My favorite thing to do with little Miss Nina is to cuddle and nap. That’s right. We snuggle closely, she grabs my face–albeit roughly, I stroke her hair, and we sleep for hours. She melts my heart because she wakes up with a smile.

Being a mom is not always easy, but it is totally worth every sleepless night, diaper blowout, and projectile vomit episode when I see that sweet face. Happy 8 months, Nina Bean!



Bubbly Mama


  1. Can

    Surely MY sweet little niece would never make such a scene! It’s all lies I say, lol. Really enjoying your blog, keep up the good work and Happy 8 Months to NHBR! ❤


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