Poop, There It Is!


I’ve got it! I figured it out! I have all the answers to all of my life’s problems! Just kidding, but if you read my last blog post (also my first blog post), you probably could feel that this mama is going through an identity crisis. Being a mom and a wife is such a great blessing. My daughter is such a joyful, bubble-loving, bright-eyed baby. My husband is a kind-hearted, listening, respectful friend who makes a delicious chili. However, how do I define me in all of this? It has been a struggle, but I ventured down a path today that I haven’t traveled much in the past year, and that’s a spiritual path.

Before moving to Atlanta, getting hitched and giving birth to my little coconut, I was quite active in my church, and made time for prayer and a relationship with God. As you mommies/wives know, finding much time for anything outside of running a peaceful household and caring for an infant is as slim as getting 8 hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep. However, after a tearful week, I decided, or perhaps God said, “enough, something must change”. So today, the triumphant trio, known as my new little family, went to church.

It was just what we all needed. It was what I desperately needed. My spiritual tank was past empty, and needed a Godly refill of encouragement and reminders that God has plans for my life, prosperous plans. My heart, ears, eyes and soul were open for God’s gospel, wisdom and love to pour into my spirit. Barren. I was barren, but I left empowered. It was a fantastic morning, and then something happened.

That sweet baby girl of mine pooped. Couldn’t this kid hold her bowels until we made it home? At least she made it until the end of service, but of course the queue for the bathroom was several women deep. I have a cute but stinky baby on my hands, the ladies room was full of church women chatter, and I realized, I’m going to have to change her on the counter because there isn’t a changing station. Here goes.

As I place her on the counter and begin to discreetly open her diaper, she’s in the middle of peeing. Great. Peeing and there’s green poop everywhere. Half way through getting her prim and proper, a fire alarm sounds. Next, an announcement for all to exit the building echoes through the bathroom. Do I grab my child and flee with her tush exposed or haphazardly slap the diaper on and hightail it out of there? I went with the latter. As I exited the bathroom, my husband whisks us out of the door with the other droves of church-goers, informing me ladies room or not, he was about to come in to get us. Never a dull moment!

We wrapped up the rest of the morning with a decent brunch, I put dinner in the crock pot, and the triumphant trio climbed into bed, snuggled closely and napped into the hours of the early afternoon. Today was a good day.

It’s all about balance. While I could try to steer myself and my family in my own might, I can do nothing without the instruction and blessing of God. Balance is making time for me, the hubs, our daughter, and most importantly our Provider.

God bless, peeps!


Bubbly Mama


  1. Ja'Naya Joubert

    Great Read! I love how through it all you make it bubbly! Keep up the good work. I’m sure I will have a lot of the same experiences :)!


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